Trailer Interior Brite Lites LEDs

Nov 15 2012

In the pictures, you can see the Brite Lites LED strips in white along the wall tops, and the Brite Lites Double Dome LED Lites in the center of the trailer. This is a 24' car hauler with a 5' V-nose. We have 5 Double Dome LED units spaced along the center of the ceiling, giving us about 2000 lumens of usable light. Then we put 2 25' white LED strips along the top of the side walls and into the storage container for extra lighting. The 2 strips run the entire length of the trailer and are great because it is evenly distributed and no bright spots to blind you, or dark spots that are hard to see. The 2 long strips add 3,750 lumens of light and are simple to install.

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