Polaris LED Taillight Insert

Oct 6 2011

Here is the long awaited Polaris Dragon LED Taillight Insert!! We have worked for 3 years to design and perfect the square taillight on Dragons and all new Polaris machines. In all, this insert is a simple upgrade. If you have a 2007 or newer Polaris, with the taillight like pictured below (red square lens), then the Insert is a 10 minute upgrade. All you need to do is unscrew the lens, pop out the stock 1157 bulb, add the plastic spacers and plug the insert in. 2 models are available for the CFI engine machines-4 stroke is CFI too (an polarity adaptor is needed & built in) and a non-CFI or regular Insert for the HO & 500cc engines. Price is $29.99 for the regular and $39.99 for the CFI Insert w/adaptor built-in.Order yours on the snowmobile page, Taillight LEDs (the strip LED lights are pictured) and ADD to the Cart there.

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