Brite Lites Snow testing in Mountains

Jan 6 2012

Here are a few photos from our January 2012 field testing of various new Brite Lites products. We had a couple of sleds setup with various new products and a few prototype items to see if they can take the punishment and help us further refine our items.

We were testing headlights, HID lighting, LED strip lights, and various LED items, including the new color changing LED strips with remote control.

As an aside, the snow was great and we treked around Idado and Montana for a week to find almost every snow condition and put the sleds, and at times, our bodies, to the test. We are well on track with all items tested with the batteryless HID systems for the AC type charging systems. They will be needing a little additional math and rework to get them working consistant and up to our standards.

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