Harley Davidson Passing Lamps

Apr 24 2012

The passing lamp bulbs for the 2006 and newer Harley Davidson motorcycles have changed from the traditional H3 bulb. The new bikes all come with the new PGj 13 base bulb, known as the Laser Lite. Brite Lites has four replacement bulbs for these to upgrade the light output and allow you to customize the passing lamps for your needs.

Xenon gas Blue, Yellow, Green, and Super clear halogen bulbs are all available. These are all a plug-n-play replacement and draw 50 watts of power. Packaged as a pair and available from all dealers and warehouse distributors. Part numbers are:

Xenon Gas Blue- 50w pair: BL-13B502

Xenon Gas Yellow-50w pair: BL-13Y502

Xenon Gas Green- 50w pair: BL-13G502

Super Clear Halogen- 50w pair: BL-13C502 

Be sure not to confuse these bulbs with the modern H8/H11 trype bulbs. these look similar, but are a larger base and will not fit or plug into the passing lamp housing (H8/H11 bulbs are headlight bulbs)

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