John Deere Tractor HID Upgrade

Jun 10 2013

We have been working with several large operators in the area and wanted to share a few of the pics with HID and some LED lighting that we added for improved near field vision. With the wet spring, if has been even more important to get better lighting on the tractor to see while working all thru the night. This set of pics are on a JD 9300 4X4 tractor that we installed 4 Brite Lites square 4" HID work lights on the cab to see better to the sides and back corners of the field. With equipment getting 60 feet wide, the darkness makes it a challenge to see your mark or get turned without catching something on the turn. The addition of these HID units give over 11,000 lumens of light to each side of the tractor and make it much more like daylight when working well into the night. Simple install into the stock mounting bracket and with each light only using 35 watts, we are not changing any wiring requirements or straining the wiring. Simple installation all the way around. 

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