Harley Davidson Color changing LED Strips

Aug 20 2013

A customer brought his 2009 Harley bike to us and wanted to do a little special "glow" lighting for the big Harley party in Milwaukee this summer. We took about 4 hours and put a Brite Lites custom touch to the bike. We have detailed pictures, tips, and suggestions for any bike install. We also made up a PDF file you can download to help you in your install, or at your shop if you install for customers. These are only suggestions, but things that may help you in your install or simplify the learning curve on a new product.

Because this bike is a Bagger, I used a full Kit, plus 2 extra 20" strips to really light up the back of the bike. (Extra strips are for sale on our web site individually). I take time to route and hide the LED strips. From walking around the bike, it is very hard to see anything that we added. From the routing to the tiny micro switch, it is very discrete. Even the remote "EYE" is hidden between the seat and tank (I used a Sharpie marker to color it black).

The pictures below help show the step by step process to do a good install. I took about 4 hours to do this bike and triple checked every step of the way. Click on the pictures and you can get a larger set to view for more details. These lights are available from any dealer that gets parts thru Drag Specialities, Bikers Choice, Parts Unlimited, or Tucker Rocky. Or, if you like, the link on our web site can get you a set shipped direct from Brite Lites headquarters.

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