Wiring Harnesses for Any Need

Nov 26 2013

We have just added 2 more wiring harnesses to help make light installation even easier. With the additional wiring options we now have, you can wire smaller vehicles with a pair of LED or HID post mount Brite Lites on a motorcycle or ATV much easier with our motorcycle harness (BL-WHMC) and, if you have a large UTV or truck and need 2 big lights, like light bars controlled separately, our new super large double light harness (BL-WHHD2) will allow you to wire a light on the front of the vehicle and one on the roof or back, all using one wiring harness.

We also have our basic standard wiring (BL-WHSTD) for someone that wants to totally customize the wiring, and our best selling heavy duty wiring harness (BL-WHHD). All wiring harnesses cone with simple switches and ring terminals for connecting to the battery or power source. All our heavy duty harnesses come with the same light bar waterproof connector to mate up to any of our Xtreme Off-Road LED Light Bars.

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