Ski Doo G4 Chassis Premium LED Headlight kit

Nov 19 2016; Updated: Nov 8 2021

The 850 Ski Doo introduced the all new Generation 4 platform and with it, a new headlight bulb type for Ski Doo. They have moved from the standard H4 base that they have used for 20 + years, to the H13 base bulb that is very common in Dodge & Ford trucks, and also the primary headlight Polaris has used since 2010. The nice part of the H13 is there is no retaining ring to mess with and no tools needed to change the bulb. Just a quick quarter turn and the bulb is out.

Our new L9 H13 LED headlight kit is as revolutionary. Our 4th generation LED for the G4 Ski Doo and is now tunable when installed into the sled. 7000 lumen output that is crazy bright and compact simple design. All solid state, no moving parts, can be totally sealed up and no modifications to the sled at all. Once you have the access to the headlight opened up, the installation is 3 times easier than on previous Ski Doo sleds and much brighter. Still have the Hi & Lo beam function as always.

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