Product Information

These kits are digital ballast kits for the Low beam or single beam headlights. Such as 881,894, H11, H1, H3, H7, H9 type headlight bulbs. Kit includes all needed components for true HID. All kits are 6,000K blue electrobe bulbs.

Item #: BL-LED9005
Size: R-angle 9005
Color: Bright White/blue
Price: ($125.00)

*SPECIAL PROMO PRICE* These are NEW Brite Lites LED conversion kits. Totally converts halogen headlights to a LED light. No modifications needed to stock wiring or headlight housing- totally plug-n-play. Simple installation- less than 30 minutes for most vehicles. Rated life is 10,000 hours and draws less amperage than stock bulbs (about 3.2 amps & 35 watts). Kit includes a pair of LED bulbs, wiring connector, and mounting instructions/tips. Simple installation. About 3 times brighter than stock bulbs and no filiments to break.