Product Information

FOG & DUST CONTROL! Quad headlight F chassis with 4 Xenon Gas Yellow Laser Lites! Both Lo- & Hi-beams outfitted with Yellow- Bright White, headlights! New 2007+ Twin Spar Cats use a H11 on Hi-beam, only available in Blue.

Item #: BL-13Y502
Price: ($29.95)

Yellow Xenon Gas Boosted Laser Lite, 2-50watt P13j base (plastic r-angle) bulbs. Fits the passing lamps on Harleys- fits Polaris & Cat w/three bulb headlights (right angle base bulb that fits in the outer two positions on both Cat & Polaris- 4 are used on new FireCats/SnoPro). Intense White or Plasma white beam with a hint of Yellow around the light beam. (like HID headlights) Also used for factory driving lights on GM/Dodge/Ford vehicles. 2 bulbs are in this package.