Product Information

3 Bulb Polaris chassis (Gen II & Evolved) with H4 center, Lo-beam, and R-angle Hi-beams. Xenon Gas Yellow for H4- Lo-beam, and Xenon Blue fo Hi-beams.

Price: ($44.95)

Yellow & Blue Xenon Gas Boosted Laser Lite Kit, 2-blue 50watt P13j base (r-angle) & 1-yellow 100watt H4 Z-Bulb)- fits Polaris Gen II & Evolved chassis w/three bulb headlights (includes 2 blue- right-angle base bulbs that fit in the outer two positions & one yellow straight base H4 bulb for the center). Intense White or Plasma white beam with a hint of color around the light beam. (like HID headlights) For just the Hi-beams- order 1 pair of Laser Lites (BL-13B50/2). Great combo for fog/snow dust Lo-beam, and far distance on Hi-beam! 3 pcs are in this kit.