Product Information

Rainbow Strobe is a great way to add a full spectrum of colors to any H4 headlight. 3 glass prisms fit around the headlight bulb to produce very unique colors that change as light hits them.

Item #: BL-43STR
Color: Rainbow
Price: ($26.95)

Rainbow Strobe - glass prism cover for H-4 P43t base bulbs. Gives a full rainbow of primary colors around the headlight beam. Does not interfere with on-coming traffic or drivers vision. Great accessory to help cycles to be seen by bisecting traffic! Sold per each item.

Item #: BL-LEDEG
Color: Green
Price: ($19.99)

These are NEW LED "eye" kit units for universal fit to make accent light anywhere on any 12 volt system. Kit includes 2 LED light units that are mounted thru a hood, dash, or any application where a point light is desired. Looks very cool on Polaris Dragon eye, Arctic Cat eye, Ski Doo Bumble Bee eye, or anything you would like a point of light. Rated life is 10,000 hours and draws virtually no electricity (about 15 milli-amps). Requires a small hole ot be drilled thru surface and has jam nut on inside to tighten down. 2 wire connection to positive and negative. Can be run live to ignition circuit or controled with optional switch. Kit includes a pair of LED "eye" bulbs and mounting instructions/tips. Simple installation. 2 pcs per kit.