Product Information

Rainbow Strobes fit on any H-4 Brite Lite or standard halogen P43t base bulb. The Rainbow Strobe uses glass prisms to reflect a full spectrum of colors around the headlight beam. The Rainbow Strobe does not reduce the headlights light and does not interfere with the driver or oncoming traffics vision. All the added colors from the Rainbow Strobe are in the side light and give great effects around the headlight. Great choice to be seen on motorcycles!

Item #: BL-43STR
Color: Rainbow
Price: ($26.95)

Rainbow Strobe - glass prism cover for H-4 P43t base bulbs. Gives a full rainbow of primary colors around the headlight beam. Does not interfere with on-coming traffic or drivers vision. Great accessory to help cycles to be seen by bisecting traffic! Sold per each item.