Product Information

Mega Clear Halogen!, 100 watt Hi-beam 80 watt Lo-beam and Flame Thrower is 130 watt Hi-beam 100 watt Lo-beam Largest halogen bulbs made! For Show use only- NOT DOT approved

Item #: BL-43C100
Size: 80/100 Watt
Color: Clear
Price: ($16.95)

Super Clear Halogen Brite Lite, 100/80watt P43t base- H4 (3-prong)- Great upgrade to the stock light without changing the sleds lighting color. 30% brighter than stock. Sold per each bulb.

Item #: BL-43C130
Size: 100/130 Watt
Color: Clear
Price: ($19.95)

Mega Clear Halogen Brite Lite, 130/100watt P43t base- H4 (3-prong) - The Flame Thrower- Use only in single headlight sleds with no headlight cover or shield. Brightest clear bulb you can buy! Must have a 240 watt alternator. Sold per each bulb.