Product Information

1157 Replacement Bulb Socket. Standard forward mount metal socket base with two wires (run and brake) and ground to metal base. Serves as a replacement to damaged or corroded base, or allows you to modify a side mounted or non-standard 1157 base.

Item #: BL-1157SKT
Size: 1157
Color: NA
Price: ($19.95)

Our 1157 replacement socket kit is used to replace or modify the socket base to mount a 1157 bulb to project straight out the taillight lens. Used to convert a side mounted base, when using the 1157 Rotating & Pulsating LED taillight (p/n BL-LED1157RR). This is necessary to get the effect of the rotating/pulsating light to point straight out the rear of the machine. Sold per each.

Item #: BL-43B100X2
Size: 55/100 Watt
Color: Blue
Price: ($29.99)

Blue Xenon Gas Boosted Brite Lite, “X-bulb” - 100/55watt P43t base- H4 (3-prong) - Intense White or Plasma white beam with a hint of blue color around the beam (like HID systems). Sold per each bulb.