Product Information

The new line of LED flashlights give a flashlight for most any need- you can never have too many lights! From the small caribiner style to the large cordless shop light, we have a long lasting, durable, and simple to use LED flashlight that can give a little extra light where you need it. Our new cordless rubber molded body LED shop light is the best in the industry. Rugged design, multiple LED array for the best light pattern. Wall mountable charging base make for one versitle light.

Item #: BL-F2
Size: Caribiner
Color: Blue
Price: ($5.99)

This unique LED flashlight is designed with aircraft aluminium and a LED bulb to last 10 times longer than a similar light with a standard bulb. Blue annodized body with the Brite Lites logo engraved. On/Off is controlled by turning the cap on the light.

Item #: BL-FL9V2
Size: 9 volt
Color: White & Chrome
Price: ($9.99)

This small 3 LED flashlight is designed with a super compact design and a simple 9 volt battery (not included) will power for days. Each package comes with a pair of flashlights and are perfect for a emergency kit, survival gear, tool kit, or daily use. On/Off/Flash is controlled by a sliding switch. Will run for 10 days in flash mode at 20 below zero!! Sold 2 flashlights per package.